Breastfeeding Bras

Good breastfeeding bras are a must have item for successful breastfeeding. Having that bra fit properly is even more important.

A common question,
"Is it necessary to have a special bra- why can't I wear my regular bras?"

If your bra meets these criteria you can wear it:

#1 NO WIRES!!!!! Yes, they make underwire nursing bras which is totally crazy but I will NEVER ok a underwire bra while breastfeeding. Why? Mastitis, that is why. The wire can block off milk drainage and cause you to get a breast infection. Enought said.

#2 All cotton - must be breathable to avoid thrush and stretchy to allow for increased size due to milk supply.

#3 Proper fit - not being to snug/tight is very important. A bra that is too tight will be uncomfortable and can impede milk supply from not allowing for volume expansion as needed.

The only two non-breastfeeding bras that meet this criteria that I am aware of are a non- tight sports bra or a comfort/sleep bra.

The advantage of buying a breastfeeding bra is that they are made for easy access while breastfeeding. Also, many of the stores that sell these bras will do free bra fitting to ensure a proper fit.

My favorite is the sleep bra,it has no clasps or snaps - they simply stretch down or up to allow for instant access. PERFECT for the freqent feedings of the first 2 weeks.

Not sure about your bra size? As mentioned above most maternity or breastfeeding boutiques have bra fitting experts available to measure you for a good fit.

Here is a video on how to measure yourself.

The rule of thumb for sizing is the size you are at the END of your pregnancy is usually the size you settle into after engorgement. Which only lasts for a few days. Even though you will be bigger for those few days, the nursing bras are accomodating for multiple cup size varience.

Where can you buy a good nursing bra? Breastfeeding Stores, maternity stores, online: amazon, ebay are good sources.

It is VERY important to note: most retailers do NOT take returns on Nursing Bras.

Don't forget about your nursing pads.

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