Breastfeeding Journal

I decided today to start this breastfeeding journal.

In the past I had been using my blog for this purpose but I realized that was not as productive because the blog comments go away after 60 days. And there are things I post that I would like to stay on the website much longer than that.

These are rants, ramblings and rejoices (3 r's aren't I clever) from a board certified lactation consultant.

I hope you enjoy!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page if you came here looking for an actual breast feeding journal. (love it when keyword searches actually work. :)

Please feel free to comment on the posts.

Liz's LC journal:

Just some random ramblings from a lactation consultant.

Breastfeeding Lewd and Lecivious Behaivor 
A bit of a rant to follow. Today is my sisters birthday. We are all gathered at my house.My father asked me in front of the entire family what I thought …

You lift me up 
Last week I was feeling down about my practice as a lactation consultant.The TIME article came out and I had a horrible discussion with my sister about …

Breastfeeding is a learned skill Not rated yet
Quite often I receive a panic call from a new mom. Breastfeeding is not going as planned for her. The feedings are every 1-3 hours and she thinks this …

Lactation journal. Looking for a book to organize your breastfeeding regime? Or a place to write your experiences for a keepsake? A journal is a nice way to do this.

Some people may choose an app for this purpose. Some of the apps I have heard work well are: Baby Connect, Ifeedbaby and Baby Tracker. Just don't become neurotic about logging every single feeding start and end times after about 2 weeks. Breastfeeding should be enjoyable not a scheduled oppression.

They did not have apps when I was breastfeeding 5 years ago so I cannot give a direct recommendation.

I hope you enjoy my posts and I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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