Still have milk 2 years after weaning?

by Nichole Jenkins
(Silverdale, Wa.)

My name is Nichole I just turned 30 on April 9th. I have 4 children a 13 year old boy who I breast fed for 8 months with the formula suplement when he was being babysat, Then I have a 9 year old breat fed 3 to 4 months same formula regument, off and on...Then I have a 7 year old girl breast fed 3 months formula off and on, she just did not want to continute the bottle was much eisier for her, but I wanted to, when I had my 7 year old I had a tubal lygation, clips, carterized, and cut...Then when she was 4 I was spotting for three months and just sick as a dog, I finally had to go to the ER from lack of being able to hold food down and dehydration, They did blood work and told me I was about 3 months or more prego...I was so happy, after my tubal lygation I did have second thoughts but I was settled in my life with all 3 kids going to school, I had her by c-section 2 years ago may 15th and breast fed her only a few weeks, she really didnt seem into it, the docs had to give her bottles in the hospital when I first had her, she had breathing problems and I didnt get to see her for almost half the day...I think she also liked the bottle too...After my first son was born I was so ingorged all the time to the point of soaking my shirt even with 2 breast bads on each side, and after a shower it would just spray out, only after my first, after that it seemed I never produced like that ever again, But now my question, sorry for rambleing on, I stopped trying to breast feed almost 2 years ago and never really had a good flo, I can feel my breast ach sometimes and when I squeese the breat and nipple like they show you when you need to releave some of the pressure, I still have what looks like wattered down milk dripping, its not much and sometimes I can see it spray when I gently squeese, only when I feel the ach, I do take pain meds for plexiform Neurofibromatosis type 1, thousands of tumors inside where I have any nerves running through my body, they attatch them selves and pinch causing extreem pain, so why do you thing I can still prduce milk after the last 2 kids I didnt have a good milk flo at all? and on top of that after my second child, I noticed after about a year, I had what looked like a bubble on my right nipple so I popped it and squeesed it and almost 2 inches of of what looked like a thick white string came out and I held it in my hand when no more was comming out and mashed it, and it felt gritty and smelled like old sour milk, and I still have to do this everyonth because the bubble will just hurt from the pressure, and this has been going on for almost 9 years? those are my 2 question, why am I still producing watered down milk (just a little) and what is going on withe the 9 years if this thick bright white gritty sour milk smelling substance that I can squeese out about 2 inches?...Thank you so much and I hope to hear your thoughts...

Answer from the lactation consultant
It is highly unlikely that you still have milk some 2 years after weaning. The only way to know for sure is to have the liquid tested. Which I HIGHLY recommend. I would recommend you be tested for infected and carcinoma of the breast. In other words, I recommend an evaluation by your primary care doctor AND a breast surgeon ASAP.
Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC

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Jul 17, 2012
Still have milk after 2.5 years!!!! NEW
by: Cally3078

I still have milk 2 and a half years after weaning, and all is well. We did test of all sorts but yet it remains...I still have milk! Explain that, cause I don't understand!!!!

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