Preparation for breastfeeding

Preparation for breastfeeding.

My story:

Before I became pregnant, I had always said that I would breastfeed. But as my pregnancy progressed, I became more and more nervous that I would not be able to do it. I had only one friend who had succeeded in breastfeeding her child. I had many friends that had “tried” but failed. My mom was Miss Breastfeeding Queen, having breastfed myself and my two siblings for a total of more than four years. I breastfed until 15 months, and the only reason she weaned me then was because she was pregnant with my sister! Needless to say she encouraged / pressured me to breastfeed. I remember a conversation we had when she asked me if I was going to breastfeeding. I said, “ I am going to try.” (I answered this way because I did not want to set myself up for depression if I could not do it), she responded by saying very condescendingly, “It’s a yes or no question, you have to be completely committed to it if you are going to breastfeed. It is not easy.” I obviously felt the pressure to breastfeed as many of you do also. Still, I was going to try.

Being a pediatric nurse (at the time), I had all the pertinent medical information accessible to me about breastfeeding. I had even seen first hand that breastfeeding babies just are not sick as often as formula babies. At least, it was that way in our busy 4 physician pediatric office. But I was still scared. Scared of losing my body, losing sleep, losing the ability to eat what I wanted. Scared I would not produce milk or maybe I would get a breast infection? Just scared. I talked to everyone and asked for all the tips I could. I bought bottles just in case. And some formula. Then I prayed. I prayed that God would give me the wisdom and the courage to do what was best for my baby. Then I just let it go. I did not dwell on it.

I was resolved that I would try. I had all the information I needed to competently try breastfeeding or formula feeding. In my heart I really wanted to breastfeed.

So, I have been where you are. And I succeeded. The following are are some tips to help you make it a success for you.

But first here are some books you should consider reading:

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Another great way to prepare for baby is to have a healthy and fit pregnancy. Go to it is a great website, full of useful information on keeping yourself and your kids healthy.

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