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Welcome to the Ask a Lactation Consultant LIVE Chat feature.

Are you looking for online breastfeeding support from a board certified lactation consultant? You've come to the right place.

I am available 7 days a week to assist you online with any breastfeeding challenge.

Please note this is NOT medical advice, breastfeeding support ONLY. Please contact your primary care provider for any medical advice.

Chat Prices

Please note, I also offer phone consultations as well if you wish to speak rather than type.

About the online lactation consultant

About me:
My name is Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC. I have been a registered nurse since 1995 and a lactation consultant since 2003. I am here to help you with your breastfeeding problems.

Because I do not have fuel or travel expenses, I am able to provide this service for a reduced rate. My normal hourly rate for an in person consultation is $100+.

I look forward to giving you breastfeeding help online.

Soon, I will be adding more lactation consultants to our service so that we can eventually provide online breastfeeding support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I do answer questions for free on the ASK ME page. Questions can be submitted there and are usually answered within 1-2 weeks.

Want to talk to other breastfeeding moms about your challenges? You can post your question on my facebook page for other moms to answer. My facebook page is : Ask the lactation consultant. Both are FREE options at finding breastfeeding help.

There are over 200 articles throughout my website you can view for free.

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