Newborn Baby Poems

Below is a list I gathered of newborn baby poems and poems about breastfeeding.

Some are author unknown. If you know the author please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Sweet Child of Mine

Longing Waiting Praying A void filled I never knew was there So tiny, so fragile, so perfect 10 sweet toes and angel soft hair.

You suckle at my breast So content, so at home I cherish each moment with you Knowing you are all my own.

Liz Pevytoe RN, IBCLC Mothers Day 2013 (dedicated to my clients)

Mother's Love

These are the days
of laughter and love
smiling faced cherubim
sent from above
snuggled at my breast
full of warmth and rest
brings meaning and purpose
fulfilling destiny
creating, nurturing
the solar plexus
of radiant energy
in your smile

- Charisse Goodyear __________________________________________________

So new

I’ve waited for you my whole life and finally you are here.

What wonders you contain within, child of mine most dear.

Your soft skin and yet softer hair, tiny fist and big blue eyes.

Sweet baby scent and sweet, sweet smile with little dimpled thighs.

You cuddle close and gently nurse while sleep makes your eyes close.

-Janis Chrissikos ________________________________________________________

10 Little Fingers...

Author: ~unknown 10 little fingers,

10 little toes,

2 little eyes,

1 little nose.

Put them together,

what have you got?

You've got me

and that's a lot! _______________________________________________________

Nine Months

For nine months I cradle you within and wonder.

Nine months before I can hold my heart in my arms.

Nine months for you to arrive but I’ve known you forever.

Nine months creep along yet race by while I wait.

After nine months you are here and my life starts anew.

The world has changed immeasurably and it only took nine months.

-Janis Chrissikos


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reading a book to child

Nursing a Toddler

Sticky little chubby hands pull my shirt, clearly it’s time to nurse.

Now I have blue yogurt on my white bra, I know it could be worse!

She’s too busy for cuddles and kisses, we nurse to keep us in touch.

She wants to be big like her big sister, sometimes its just too much.

So up on Mama’s lap she climbs again, for comfort and a snack.

I hold her close, sweet and soft as she rests, glad my baby is back.

I watch as she acts so independent, but nursing reminds me.

Not to hurry her to grow up too fast, for time will still find me.

Friends try not to act surprised but all say, “When will she ever wean?”

I smile, “Well, I guess when she has classes, she can nurse in between!”

-Janis Chrissikos


Wean Me Gently

I know I look so big to you, Maybe I seem too big for the needs I have. But no matter how big we get, We still have needs that are important to us.

I know that our relationship is growing and changing, But I still need you. I need your warmth and closeness, Especially at the end of the day When we snuggle up in bed.

Please don't get too busy for us to nurse. I know you think I can be patient, Or find something to take the place of a nursing, A book, a glass of something, But nothing can take your place when I need you.

Sometimes just cuddling with you, Having you near me is enough. I guess I am growing and becoming independent, But please be there.

This bond we have is so strong and so important to me, Please don't break it abruptly. Wean me gently, Because I am your mother, And my heart is tender.

(Author Unknown)



You have reached the age
where you squirm
and tumble
and twist at the breast,
laughing when I yelp and rearrange you.
But there are times,
moments really,
when you are still
and quiet and almost asleep.
I am able to trace the curve of your cheek
and the tips of your eyelashes
and smooth your wild, wispy, wonderful
It is in these moments,
these not enough moments,
as I inhale the spicysweet scent of you,
that I am most at peace
with what I am
and who you will be.

- Laurie McLeod-Combs


Only The Best

My child you deserve
Only the best
So I have chosen to give you
The milk from my breast
So unique and special is the milk
From your mother
That it is impossible to replace
By any other
Comforted at my breast you receive
Both nourishment and love
You are truly a lucky baby, your
Start in life...far and above!

- Barb Otterson


I hope you enjoyed these newborn baby poems and if you know of others, please let me know so I can add them.

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